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OCLC World Share Management Platform

OCLC Web Scale Archive

The Library at the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga is planning on implementing the OCLC World Share Management platform in the Summer of 2012, with a Limited Go Live on July 1st.

Project Timeline

Milestone Resource(s) Start Date End Date Status
OCLC May WMS Release OCLC 5/13 5/13 Scheduled
System Testing Circ;Acq;Reserves;Local 4/30 ~5/18 Planning
WC Local/Discovery Initial Implementation/Web 4/30 6/30 Planning
Test Billing Long Overdue Implementation 5/14 5/14 Scheduled
Decision Point. Does Billing Work? Implementation 5/14 5/14 Scheduled
UTC Data Migration/Clean Up Andrea Schurr and others as needed 5/14 ~5/25 Scheduled
OCLC Wipe Current WMS? OCLC ~5/23 ~5/25 Planning
OCLC Migrates Data to WMS OCLC ~5/25 ~6/15 Planning
No Entry in Virtua or WMS Acq--Circ still use Virtua ~5/25 ~6/16 Dependent on completion of migration
Double Entry Virtua and WMS All ~6/16 ~6/30 Dependent on completion of migration
Post Migration Testing All ~6/16 6/30 Dependent on everything
Live with WMS and WC Local All 7/1 7/1 Dependent on everything

Data Timeline

Task Expected Start date Expected Finish date
Library delivers XML MFHD 5/18/12
WMSdataload team transforms XML MFHD for LHR load 5/18/12 5/24/12
Setup/Execute LHR Batchload 5/25/12 6/8/12
MILESTONE 2: Initiate WorldCat cataloging freeze 6/11/12 6/11/12
Create and load circ-items 6/12/12 6/19/12
Library extracts Patron Dataset from Library system and delivers to OCLC 5/25/12 5/29/12
Transform Patron Data, load and verify 5/30/12 6/1/12
Library extracts Circ-Transaction Data from ILS and delivers to OCLC 6/5/12 6/7/12
Transform Circ-Transactions and load 6/8/12 6/22/12
MILESTONE 4: Verify new WMS is working in PROD and notify customer 6/25/12 6/26/12
MILESTONE 5: WMS Go live and resume WorldCat cataloging 6/26/12 6/26/12

Project Groups

OCLC Project Leads

  • To be determined

UTC Project Sponsor

  • Theresa Liedtka

UTC Project Leads

  • Katie Gohn, Project Lead
  • Jason Griffey, IT/Data Lead

Core Team

  • Katie Gohn, Chair
  • Mike Bell
  • Jason Griffey
  • Colleen Harris
  • Anna Lane
  • Theresa Liedtka
  • Lane Wilkinson
 Core Team Action Items and Issues
 Core Team/Implementation Team Minutes

Acquisitions and Cataloging

  • Mike Bell, Chair
  • Katie Gohn
  • Materials Processing Department
 Acquisitions Action Items and Issues
 Acquisitions and Cataloging Team Minutes

Circulation and ILL

  • Colleen Harris, Chair
  • Katie Gohn
  • Access Services Department
 Circulation Action Items and Issues
 Circulation Team Minutes

Course Reserves

  • Mike Bell, Chair
  • Katie Gohn
  • Colleen Harris
  • Laird Leathers
  • Martha Rawlings
 Course Reserves Action Items and Issues
 Course Reserves Team Minutes

Data Team

  • Andrea Schurr
  • Jason Griffey
  • Katie Gohn
 Data Action Items and Issues
 Data Team Minutes

WorldCat Local and Discovery

  • Ad Hoc Team as needed
 WorldCat Local & Discovery Action Items
 WorldCat Local & Discovery Meeting Minutes

WorldCat KnowledgeBase

  • Charie Remy
  • Katie Gohn
 KnowledgeBase Team Action Items and Issues


  • Colleen Harris
  • Mike Bell
  • Melanie Dunn
 ILL Team Action Items and Issues

Communications and Outreach Team

  • Thresa Liedtka
  • Lane Wilkinson
 Communications/Outreach Team Action Items and Issues

Core Team

  • Colleen Harris
  • Beverly Kutz
  • Theresa Liedtka
 WTRC Team Action Items and Issues

Ad Hoc Resources Individuals from this group may be pulled into any group where their skill set is needed.

  • Chapel Cowden (Special Collections, ContentDM)
  • Steve Cox (Special Collections, ContentDM)
  • Melanie Dunn (InterLibrary Loan)
  • Jason Griffey (Data, Programming,Interoperability)
  • Anna Lane (Financials)
  • Charlie Remy (E-resources, Serials, KB)
  • Brian Rogers (Web Design)
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